The Function Name Hall of Shame

Over the years, I’ve participated in numerous code reviews, and I’ve seen a few function names that were worthy of true shame. However, the Hall of Shame demands only the best (or the worst, depend on your point of view), and so, I have whittled it down to a few of the most worthy. Consequently, I nominate the following for the Hall of Shame:

  1. NOTE: Could this function be any more ambiguous?
    private string GetTableData()
  2. NOTE: Our new programmer just might be dyslexic or suffer from something worse
    public int ManageJoinUsingDelete(…)
  3. NOTE: Do we need to know every step involved in the name?
    private int GetUpperRangeOffsetBySubtractingProductOfTwoSums()
  4. NOTE: I hope that this ‘body’ refers to text and not a dead hooker
    public void EndStreamingNoAttachIfBody(…)
  5. NOTE: This function needs more ‘temp’
    public int PopulateTempTemporaryTransfer(…)
  6. NOTE: This seems so wrong on so many levels
    public bool IsFalse()
  7. NOTE: He’s not exactly creative, is he?
    public void TransformData(…)
    public void TransfromDataPlus(…)
    public void TransformDataPlusExtra(…)
  8. NOTE: They do say that string mathematics is a dying art
    private string CalculateNextLessThanOrEqualNumber(string)
  9. NOTE: ???
    private string GenerateTempGetUpdateOrGetInsertWhereCriteria(int)
  10. NOTE: I like it…straightforward, single in use, and stupidly simplistic
    private string SurroundWithParantheses(string)

Peter Bolton is the author of Blowing the Bridge: A Software Story and has also been known to be a grumpy bastard on occasion.

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