About Me, Peter Bolton

Years ago, I dare say that I was in the writing shape of my life. Bloody satire, sharp quips, sarcasm shot off the hip…I was one of the best. But like all of the greats who take an extended break, I got metaphorically fatter and slower, like a retired George Forman…but without a grill to my name. Since my muscles have atrophied at having been neglected over the past few years, it’s time to stop flopping and start popping with this blog. Since I’m a technie by profession (with nearing two decades under my belt), it’s oriented more towards that theme. Hopefully, it helps me get back into the pugilistic shape of a raconteur, and, if it happens to entertain a few of you in the process, so much the better. If you want to read something of mine with a little more meat on the bones, try my book Blowing the Bridge: A Software Story. (You can find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.) I guarantee that it’s worth a few laughs, of either genuine amusement or maniacal sorrow. Or both. (Even Rob “Commander Taco” Malda seems to think so!) I’m also currently writing a serial under the working title Condo Chronicles.

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