Condo Chronicles: Table of Contents

Part I
Chapter 01: It’s Time to Rumble
Chapter 02: The American Dream
Chapter 03: Ominous Portents
Chapter 04: The Calm before the Storm
Chapter 05: To Be Continued
Chapter 06: Buyer’s Remorse
Chapter 07: Scantily Supernatural
Chapter 08: Something Stupid This Way Comes
Chapter 09: We’re Not in Jersey Anymore
Chapter 10: Something Amiss

Part II
Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight
Chapter 12: The Soothsayer with Shears
Chapter 13: It Takes a Village to Properly Riot
Chapter 14: Private Eyes Are Watching You
Chapter 15: The Jail on Sesame Street
Chapter 16: We See Your Every Move
Chapter 17: From such Great Heights
Chapter 18: Hanselez and Gretelerra
Chapter 19: Stirring Up the Dirt
Chapter 20: The Fellowship of the Ring

Part III
Chapter 21: One Made a Mess of the Cuckoo’s Nest
Chapter 22: But Wait…There’s More
Chapter 23: No Kind Deed Goes without Harsh Sodomy
Chapter 24: Walked Right into that One
Chapter 25: Sympathy for a Shadowy Figure
Chapter 26: Who Can You Trust if Not a Jersey Mayor
Chapter 27: Uncle Joe Wants You in His Army
Chapter 28: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Chapter 29: The More, The Merrier…My Ass
Chapter 30: And So the Horribly Planned Trap Is Terribly Set
Chapter 31: And So the Horribly Planned Trap Is Shoddily Sprung
Chapter 32: A Bitch in Heat
Chapter 33: Everything Catches on Fire

Part IV
Chapter 34: The Recap
Chapter 35: Into the Tiger’s Den
Chapter 36: Thy Fearful Symmetry
Chapter 37: The Fire of Thine Eyes
Chapter 38: X Marks the Spot
Chapter 39: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Chapter 40: Time to Roll the Dice
Chapter 41: A Smelly Surprise
Chapter 42: When Fiction Becomes Truth

Part V
Chapter 43: Tell Me if You’ve Heard This One
Chapter 44: Nobody Is Innocent
Chapter 45: Foregone Conclusion
Chapter 46: False Alarm
Chapter 47: Red Rum
Chapter 48: Catharsis
Chapter 49: Une Affaire de Dimanche
Chapter 50: Secrets beneath Our Feet
Chapter 51: The Forgotten Railroad
Chapter 52: The Dogs, The Austrians, and the Retirement Village

Part VI
Chapter 53: The Inside Advantage
Chapter 54: Perpetual Destiny
Chapter 55: Cliché but True
Chapter 56: Double Down
Chapter 57: Red Pill, Blue Pill
Chapter 58: Faustian Beginnings
Chapter 59: The Truth Will Find You