Can’t Say that I’m Surprised

Well, after my research in the past, you’d think that nothing would surprise me. And you’d be right, because this news didn’t make me bat one eye.

I’ve been thinking about doing another round of research, to see if book trends have changed any within the last few years. With this new tool called LinkFish, it’d be much easier than last time. Maybe if I have some time in the near future, I’ll give it another shot.

2 thoughts on “Can’t Say that I’m Surprised

  1. It’s not that I mind the existence of the genre. Since women are more contextual/imaginative when it comes to eroticism than men (who are more visual), I get it – chicks want their porn. Makes sense.

    However, other than young adult (which is annoying in its own way), literature seems to be increasingly dominated (pardon the pun) by romance/erotica – and, yeah, that makes me kinda sad.

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