10 Episode Ideas for Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley

1.) Erlich Challenges James Gosling and Richard Stallman to a Beard-Off

2.) Gilfoyle & Dinesh Go to In-N-Out Burger (and Party “Animal Style”)

3.) The NSA’s Ultimatum to Richard: A Backdoor to His Compression Algorithm…or His Backdoor

4.) Dinesh Becomes a Hooli Spy by Impersonating Deepak Chopra and Mentoring Gavin

5.) Big Head and Mochachino Collaborate on a New App Called “Chubber” (Which Finds a Strip Club that Matches Your Perfect Stripper Measurements)

6.) Jared Meets with an Outsourcing Firm in the Ukraine, Gets Mistakenly Kidnapped by Russians, and Ends Up Naked in a Banja with Snowden

7.) The Dark Lord Tells Gilfoyle that He Must Kill Brian Krebs, but It Turns Out that Brian Krebs Is the Dark Lord

8.) Peter Gregory Forms ’DropoutsCannot-Code.Org’ Just to Spite His Nemesis Mark Zuckerberg

9.) Erlich Meets His Good Friend John McAfee in Oregon, where They Get Chased by Criminals while Seeking Pirate Treasure

10.) Monica Introduces Richard to Jeff Bezos, Who Will Invest in Pied Piper if Richard Can Beat Him in a Shirts Vs. Skins Segway Streetball Game

Peter Bolton is the author of Blowing the Bridge: A Software Story and has also been known to be a grumpy bastard on occasion.

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